Disclaimer: This post is about the trading card game called Magic the Gathering.

BOO (Build Our Own) Draft, where you draft a cube consisting of 360 custom designed cards, is not a new concept. I don’t know about its origins but it is probably best known from the Seattle community, where several prominent players have written articles about the format.

Noah Weil

Brett Allen

Gavin Verhey

Inspired by these people and others, a small group of Copenhagen Magic players, gathered to make BOO DK happen. Without further ado, here are some of the cards from the event.

Most broken cards

Card evaluation is one of the most valuable skills when creating a set of cards, that basically won’t be playtested before the day they have to perform. Here are some of my favorite cards that slipped into the draft even though they are bonkers. Casting one of these on turn three just wins you the game most of the time.

Rhazin Master of Plagues Mega Death Ray Pestiferous Rocksprite

Vertical cycle from my set

I always wondered what Magic would look like in a digital/sci-fi setting, where programs, bugs and vira fight each other over a digital network. Planeswalkers would be Matrix-like beings that, via the spark, have found a way to hack reality, to bring worlds into being, shift time, and use other powerful Magic. Well, I guess glitches happen even for the best Planeswalker.

Di Tri                                              3 Tetra

Unfortunately, many of the players didn’t quite “get” this cycle of cards, and had trouble deciphering them and understanding their purpose. Also their powerlevel is not very high, so they didn’t see much play, if any.

Other highlights from my set

I’m all about value, so my set revolved around the graveyard OF COURSE. I love graveyard interactions. It’s like having a second hand, and you basically always have something to spend your mana on.

Shamans Revelation Galisti Tarkirian Warlock Outletling

Rising Sewer Levels Gem Pyromancer Turnover

And finally: A card that didn’t make the cut

Magic Set Editor has some weird bugs that can be exploited to make cards like this. I find it kinda fascinating.