Game and controller made for the Alt Ctrl Game Jam 2014. Awarded 7th place in the alternative controller category, 14th overall.

TOASTER hooked up to a TOAST hooked up to a TEMPERATURE SENSOR hooked up to an ARDUINO running Firmata hooked up to PROCESSING.

By heating the TOAST with the TOASTER, YOU (yes, YOU) can control vertical movement of the TOAST in the game. Don’t burn your mouth with hot TOAST! Get the TOAST past the uvula for a happy ending!

Comments recieved:
+ “What a ridiculous, hilarious, and utterly brilliant concept. I’m off to make some toast.” -Bardoctorus
+ “Love that the space that you play in also starts to smell amazing:) really impressive!” -Teamnovember
+ “Hilarious. :D” -Zversky
+ “Place it in home and you would never get bored while waiting on toasts.” -Wdebowicz


By Simon Stålhandske and Michail Nenkov